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When I don’t answer my phone..

what my mom thinks I’m doing ..

what my dad thinks I’m doing..

what my sister thinks I’m doing..

What my brother thinks I’m doing..

what my friends think I’m doing…

what my best friend thinks I’m doing..

what relatives thinks I’m doing..

what society thinks I’m doing..

what I think I’m doing..

what I should be doing..

What I’m ACTUALLY doing…

Probably this…

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From a dreamer…to fellow dreamers..guy’s plz watch..we need this epic motivation!

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Sunday Self appriciation post!

1st OF all..this lady Lilly Singh is AWESOME.

AND in this video, she reminds us why WE ARE  AWESOME!.Each of us..and why we Will succeed in WHICHEVER area we truly want to succeed.

So, If you have a dream..(I know you do)..Please watch..and feel awesome!..just 5 MIN!


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My little duck!

Something Big happened today!

I was spending time with my nephew. Umar, he’s only 1yr and 3 months old.

AND recently I heard that he hugged his parents…So I was desperately seeking for a hug from him..

I mean the whole time..I was all…

& he was like..”well, you ain’t getting none!”..

But I didn’t give up!.I kept my head high…I kept begging!..

then suddenly, I don’t know what happened to him..and he ran into my arms.

but for only like 3 seconds.

Oh!..It was so amazing!

I wanted more.

I asked him for another hug!..and he ran back to my arms AGAIN!

For only 3 seconds.

I asked him for a 3rd hug..and he ran back to my arms again!..and let go in 3 sec.

so, I got greedy..and asked for a 4th hug.

and this time he turned back and gave me this look.

and all was understood..but this whole incident made the rest of my day. This  was me today!

my little duck hugged me!! I won!


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When you realize- Break is over!

I woke up this morning..beautiful weather, I thought.

and then it hit me!!

break is over!

it’s OVER!..GONE!

college resumes tomorrow!

classes resumes tomorrow!

Assingments due tomorrow!

Assignments are still not complete!

goodbye long morning sleeps!

Holly! molly!..I’m Soo NOT prepare!     

It’s ok…I got this!..I’m gonna fix this mess!..but goodbye spring break’17!

you were a good 30 seconds long break 🙁


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Spring break !- only 3 days left!

So, I just blinked my eyes, and last 7 days is gone!

when I thought of the productivity done over this week!


so what THE HELL DID.. I do all this time?..hmm..??

let’s see what comes to mind..theres: sleeping

followed by :eating

short naps here and there

oH..then there’s Netflix!


more eating..

more Netflix

ughh..damn it Netflix!

so, did I not go out at all??!!

oh, Nevermind I did! I did!..I went to watch BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Ya’ll!AND IT WAS JUST SO BEAUTIFUL!..Go watch it everyone!

speaking of BEAUTY AND THE is Emma Watson’s Birthday!! OhHappy birthday Emma! you are my IDOL forever!

wait, WHATTT!! did I get here..??

Alright! my train of thought is officially a wreck! I’m gonna shut up and hopefully get some things done before this break is over!..

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My top 10 bucket list!

1. Buy my dream house

Image result for dream house
2. Send my parents to Euro trip

3. Go on world tour with my family

Related image
4. become a philanthropist

5. best friend getaway!

6. Meet shahid kapoor

8. Meet JLAW and Emma watson (idols)

9. write a book

10. make a movie

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make your own Typography image!

I found  a place, where you can create your own typography image..

–What’s a typography image, asked??

Image result for typography

Now, you can go here  …and create you own Typography image…

It takes like 3 sec.