My little duck!

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My little duck!

Something Big happened today!

I was spending time with my nephew. Umar, he’s only 1yr and 3 months old.

AND recently I heard that he hugged his parents…So I was desperately seeking for a hug from him..

I mean the whole time..I was all…

& he was like..”well, you ain’t getting none!”..

But I didn’t give up!.I kept my head high…I kept begging!..

then suddenly, I don’t know what happened to him..and he ran into my arms.

but for only like 3 seconds.

Oh!..It was so amazing!

I wanted more.

I asked him for another hug!..and he ran back to my arms AGAIN!

For only 3 seconds.

I asked him for a 3rd hug..and he ran back to my arms again!..and let go in 3 sec.

so, I got greedy..and asked for a 4th hug.

and this time he turned back and gave me this look.

and all was understood..but this whole incident made the rest of my day. This  was me today!

my little duck hugged me!! I won!


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